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GibWorld Admin Team!

The GibWorld admin team are a random bunch of people who have nothing in common except GAMING! The GibWorld team is always open to new members to bring even more originality to the team so why not join us.

Here's a look at the current bunch of WONDERFUL individuals working for the Gib.

Man1c M0g  
Real Name -  Michael Marsden
Occupation -  Pharmacy Student (4th year)
Date of Birth -  16/10/78 (i.e. 21 yrs old)
GibWorld job -  Co-founder.  Website Design and Content.
E-mail address

Currently in his fourth year studying pharmacy at Bradford University, Mike is now taking 6 months out to do compulsorary work experience at Burnley Hospital. When not online or saving the world, he is usually working on some website or other, and has occasionally been known to do some academic coursework!

Real Name -  Dave Massingham
Occupation -  R&D Development Engineer, Hewlett-Packard Ltd.
Date of Birth -  10/03/81
GibWorld job -  Co-founder.  Website Design and Teccy Stuff.
E-mail address

Co-founder of GibWorld and CGI lord of the Universe, Dave makes sure everything is working properly, and copes with all technical problems.  Having finished A-levels, he is now taking a year out working with Hewlett Packard.

Real Name Nathan Hancock
Occupation A-Level Student (1st Year)
Date of Birth 07/06/83
GibWorld job News Bloke and Reviewer
E-mail address

I have recently finished my GCSE's at Redruth School (Cornwall), and now have started 3 A-Levels at Reduth Technology College. I spend a lot of time Online, where I can be found on QuakeNet in #glasgow or #gibworld. The rest of the time I'm socializing or playing sports (i.e. drinking or recovering from a hangover... ;).

Real Name -  Mike Leak
Occupation -  Student
Date of Birth N/A
GibWorld job -  Articles & Reviews
E-mail address 



What the Admins like and love:-

Favorite Snacks
   1.   Cheezy Poofs
   2.   Brannigans
   3.   Mince Pies
   4.   Slices of Bread
   5.   FruitTella (mixed)
 Soft Drink of Choice
   1.   Dr. Pepper
   2.   Coca Cola
   3.   Virgin Cola
   4.   Tango (apple)
   5.   Lilt
 Hard drink of choice
   1.   Whiskey
   2.   Vodka
   3.   Bacardi
   4.   Malibu
   5.   Baileys




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