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GibSeek Search:-

Help Needed!

We are always in need of more help, whether it be from designers, reviewers, newshounds, etc. If you have the dedication and speak good English, we will be sure to find something for you to do. At the moment, we have the following positions open...

News Hounds :- Having this job will make you responsible for finding news on a specific subject and posting relevant news on the main page (updates are achieved by a CGI script - little HTML coding knowledge is required).  At the moment, we need people to cover news in - but more positions will become available over time.

Article writers :- This is perhaps the most straightforward task of all!  You simply have to grab a game and review it based on its graphics, SFX, gameplay, etc, and then give it an overall mark.   HTML coding knowledge is not required, as the article system will soon be driven by server-side scripts - NOT shtml!

GibSeek moderator :- GibSeek is a lot of work to maintain and control.  Becoming a moderator will give you control over certain sections to add links, update content, and process addition requests.  You can run as many or few sections as you like, making this a very flexible job.

Section Managers :- If you want some responsibility, this is the job for you.  You will have to keep the sections up to date, and manage all people who write articles for your section. Due to the degree of autonomy that this involves, applicants need to have a good knowledge of HTML, and be prepared to spend a few hours a week working for us.

GW Representatives :- We ALWAYS need GibWorld reps!  If you are going to an event and would like to write a report on it for us, we would be very grateful.

Conversions.Net Chief :- Nearly at its 1st birthday, has had its good and bad days, but it has a stable readership, a good link base, and a helluva lot of reviews. We need somebody to take over the site, organize staff, and keep the mothballs at bay.  This is a very responsible job and may involve many hours of dedication a week.

Server Providers :- If you are one of those people who has an OBSCENE amount of bandwidth, we would be happy to make constructive use out of it!   If you have anything over a T1 line, and want to host a games server, we will happily link to you in our servers section (coming soon), and give you the adoration you deserve :p.


To apply for any of these jobs, contact the webmaster

Your GibWorld team needs YOU!!





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